Time to pass your own Healthcare Reform Bill

… and recognize that poor leadership  is increasing your healthcare costs.

 By Nancy L. Clark

Helloooo … does anyone see the irony that I do?  Companies are spending millions and millions on incentive programs to help employees and their families with their healthcare.  Yet, these same companies ignore what is right in front of their faces –bad managers creating unhealthy work environments.

I apologize for climbing upon the virtual soapbox, but I feel the need to point out – THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES.  And while I absolutely applaud all the carrot and stick health programs that companies are creating and adopting, one of the health elements that organizations have the greatest control and influence over is being ignored — whom they put into positions of power. 

Well the dirty little secret is out … new research links having a poor supervisor to a higher risk of heart attack.  Plus, no surprise, employees who don’t like their managers also take more sick leave.  By ignoring this problem, both health and productivity are at risk – a double drag on profits, let alone on the human factor.   To read more go to Time to Pass Your Own Healthcare Reform Bill!

Improve Your Odds in 2010!

If this recession taught us anything, it showed us how close to the line many companies and industries are playing.   Tough times are less forgiving.  The margin for error is small and one wrong bet could shut your doors.  The good news is that if you made it to 2010, the odds could improve in your favor. … to read more please go to Improve Your Odds in 2010

Sell … Sell … Sell

Now, more than ever, you need to help your sales team drill for sales!

By Nancy L. Clark

As if the last few years weren’t economically debilitating enough, the last few weeks have left many of us shell-shocked and financially paralyzed.  Predictably, our thinking drops to the base level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs–Will we survive?  Will my business endure?  How big is the meltdown?  Will we ever recover?  How long will it last?  What next?

As business leaders, we cannot allow ourselves to become the deer caught in the headlights.  We cannot run and hide and hope that everything will sort itself out and we cannot become frozen into inaction.  Obviously, we need to fight, but we need to fight wisely.  For some ideas on how to refocus and gain sales, please go to Sell_Sell_Sell.

The Talent Wars are Coming!

How to Thrive, not just Survive

By Nancy L. Clark

Despite the troubled economy and growing unemployment, we are heading into a significant talent shortage.  Some industries are seeing it already, others are “benefitting” from the slowed economy.  But when the business cycle changes, make no mistake…the competitive battles for talent will ensue.

A perfect storm of sorts is brewing.  We are experiencing:

  • Increasing global and organizational demands for more sophisticated and committed talent
  • Decreasing educational (school/college) preparation and capability to meet the demands
  • Major work force shifts:
    • 85 Million Baby Boomers retiring –Mass exodus of intellectual capital and experience
    • 50 Million Gen Xers opting out of long hours, etc.– Successor generation unable to fill the gap
    • 76 Million Gen Yers concerned about work-life balance– New work generation not willing to make the same sacrifices as the baby boomers

With the exception of a few minor battles in the past, our pyramid scheme of talent growth afforded us enough professional troops when needed.  However, as the baby boomers look around their organizations today, it is not clear to whom they will be able “to hand over the flag.”  To read more please go to The Talent Wars Are Coming

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