Case Studies

Blood Centers of America, Inc.

“Since CFS, the team has a new found confidence, and they prospecting more and closing new business more successfully than ever before.”

-Heather Marreel, Director of Recruitment

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Massage Envy

“PI® can be used far more than just as a hiring tool. It identifies individual traits, but also gives you the entire scope of a person’s behavior, and a deeper understanding of how to motivate and impact their performance.”

-Susan Landgraf, Chief Learning Officer

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Greene King Pub

“The SSAT helps in measuring the breadth of the knowledge of customer management, while PI® identified the behavioral profile and fit for the role. All of these tools enabled us to understand the strengths and gaps of each individual, while providing a comprehensive training program for our entire team.”

-Joe Parks, Free Trade Sales Director

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Vanamatic Company

“PI® has been an extremely valuable tool to help implement all of the changes necessary to become a world class manufacturer.”

-Jeff Wiltsie, President, Vanamatic Company

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Benchmark Assisted Living

“The Predictive Index® is absolutely part of the Benchmark culture. It’s part of our language. Everybody knows what it is and it’s a critical tool in how we manage our talent and how we grow people.”

-Jill Haselman, Senior VP of Organizational Development

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Erland Construction

“As more talent becomes available it will be important for us to bring in the right people that will contribute to Erland’s long term success. The Predictive Index® will certainly play a role in that process.”

-Steve McDonald, President of Erland Construction

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First Nonprofit Insurance Company

The SSAT is one of the greatest sales tools you can have if you are a sales manager, VP of Sales or a GM. It identifies a persons basic selling skills and the specific areas for improvement.

– Lena Suizzo, Director of Human Resources

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Meadowbrook Golf/Golf Ventures West

“The SSAT is one of the greatest sales tools you can have if you are a sales manager, VP of Sales or a GM. It identifies a person’s basic selling skills and the specific areas for improvement.”

– Mike Eastwood, President of GVW

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Lewis & Clark Bank

“Understanding and utilizing the behavioral profile results of PI® not only changes the way you recruit and manage human capital, it fundamentally changes the way you approach organizational development in general. I don’t believe we could have brought the bank as effectively from concept to reality and from $12.5 million to $75 million in assets without the insight from the Predictive Index®.”

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The Rainsoft Company

“I can’t imagine running our company-owned dealerships without the Predictive Index®. The results we have enjoyed would not have been possible.”

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Citizens Business Bank

“We have been using the Predictive Index® for almost 15 years. We believe it is a very important tool for attracting and retaining superior people who reflect our core values and will deliver superior performance.”

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Security State Bank

“We are in such a great position today. It’s all about the people. Our morale is at its highest level ever. Our employees feel good about the bank and their positions within the bank. We would not be where we are without the Predictive Index®.”

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Clifton Gunderson LLP

“The Predictive Index® allowed Clifton Gunderson to integrate the two firms as quickly as possible, resulting in a culture of open communication, high trust and highest morale. This in turn results in a high performance team that we will retain.”

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Keyes Motors

“Success in the auto industry all comes down to people. People are what separate one dealer from the next. Before you can have the right inventory, the right advertisement, the right systems and procedures, you have to get the people who can do the job and do it together. Retaining these people is critical to the organization’s success.”

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Earnhardt Motor Group

“The Earnhardt Motor Group based in Arizona sells more vehicles per dealership than any other in the country. Retaining the right employees has allowed Earnhardt Motors to achieve a consistently high level of customer satisfaction resulting in increased volume and profits.”

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Johnsonville Sausage

“Johnsonville needed to find a way to manage their tremendous growth and build leadership from within. PI® provided the roadmap.”

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New City Mortgage

“New City Mortgage is a young, small brokerage firm. When it came time to add a key employee, they relied on the insight provided by the Predictive Index® to ensure a strong job fit.”

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