Retention, Productivity & Change

These programs/approaches are used to improve retention, productivity, and/or manage change.  With a global shortage of skilled talent, all leaders are concerned about retention.  Keeping your top performers, improving productivity, and managing change need to be addressed.  By employing these consistent programs/approaches you can achieve your goals and leverage your investment.

 Programs that improve Change Management results:


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New Leader/ Team Member Assimilation

Part of the acquisition process is to assimilate the new person into the team.
This is not just about curious personal questions – it is about work styles so that the team doesn’t waste time trying to guess or figure it out for months. As we share the leader and team work styles, they discuss how to work more effectively together and how to deal with any team gaps. Then the team reviews and clarifies team goals, who needs to do what by when, and addresses any confusion. In this way teams accelerate their productivity and their results.


The Form – Storm – Norm – Perform cycle is accelerated and results are achieved more quickly!

Leadership Transition Program™

book_pipelineFor organizations who want to provide an integrated, consistent leadership framework, Leadership Dynamics is proud to offer the Leadership Transition Program (LTP).

This is not a workshop or class like you’ve ever experienced before.

Developed around the principles introduced in “The Leadership Pipeline,” this 4-day course is designed to develop high-performing leaders by building objective work values, time applications and leadership skills.
LTP is the original practical implementation of the strategies introduced in The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered Company.

LTP was developed and solidly refined by author Jim Noel and A.P. Moller–Maersk. This program is based upon real work situations and is designed for leaders who need results. Hundreds of courses have been conducted around the world, implementing the framework to train, groom and retain leaders throughout the leadership pipeline.

leader_pipelineEach leadership level has a distinct position that calls for adjusted values and time applications combined with new skills. By defining what is expected of a leader at each level, LTP creates effective leaders who have clear objectives and the tools they need to succeed, at every stage of their career.

Team Dynamics/Team Building

High-performing teams are different; they have a clear focus, a high self-awareness, and leverage all assets.

Whether you have a newly formed team, a reconstructed team, or team that needs to be re-energized, you can help them to achieve higher performance. By utilizing the insights from the Predictive Index, participants learn about themselves and their team:

  • Motivations, drives, behaviors
  • Communication, delegation, decision styles, etc.
  • Team gaps and how to address/improve

And, most importantly, how to adjust their own individual styles to improve work relationships and productivity.


Coaching for Performance™

Few managers know how to effectively coach their employees to achieve higher levels of productivity, engagement, and retention. Compounded by all the generational differences, most managers are thoroughly confused. Given the direct impact to the bottom-line, it becomes imperative to build/enhance coaching capabilities of managers/supervisors.
Coaching for Performance workshop training is inter-woven with real-life application; participants are asked to identify one or more of his/her employees to use as “coachees.” By utilizing the tools of the Predictive Index, this program addresses how to coach career, engagement, and performance; it also addresses counseling when poor performance and/or conflict issues need to be addressed.
Conducted over the course of several weeks, participants learn and prepare, then meet with their coachees. Several rounds are done so that participants practice and build coaching capabilities that impact productivity, engagement and retention.

Leading in a 4G World™

4gworldFor the first time in history, we have four generations in the workplace. Each generation is different—with experience, perspective and expectations. Leading multiple generations can be a challenge. This workshop analyzes the differences among the generations and how best to approach, communicate, drive performance, increase retention, employee satisfaction, and results.

Meeting Smart™

meeting_smartStop wasting time and money with ineffective meetings; instead make them productive by facilitating them for results.
Meeting Smart™ allows you to master meeting facilitation so that you run effective meetings and drive performance. With all the time spent in meetings, Meeting Smart™ can immediately produce high ROI.
In Meeting Smart™, learn the tools and techniques of how to:

  • Design effective meetings by creating the right agenda and processes to achieve results
  • Deal with difficult situations (e.g., disruptive or disengaged participants)
  • Focus and drive to decisions and action

Team Productivity and Performance for Supervisors™

Many managers are thrown into supervision without adequate understanding of systems, tools, and quality techniques to manage people and processes. This course quickly and interactively provides managers with an introduction and application of how to understand their business model and how to analyze their business processes:

  • Systems thinking
  • Supplier, process, customer relationships
  • Goals and expectations
  • People and teams
  • Data driven decisions (statistical process control, trend analysis)
  • Quality approach to continuous improvement (P-D-S-A)

Influencing Skill Assessment Tool™

The ISAT provides the data on an individual, group, and company level giving a clear understanding and analysis of the strengths and gaps. Customer-Focused Selling™ builds the pragmatic skills to help your team increase its influence and results.
The ISAT measures the five key areas of powerful influence:

  • Building trust and credibility
  • Understanding the situation & needs
  • Presenting ideas and articulating value
  • Handling objections and gaining agreement
  • Creating long-term relationships with effective positioning

Influencing for Results™

Coupled with the ISAT, build influence skills in “selling” your ideas, strategies and capabilities with Influencing for High Impact. This workshop offers a proven method of building capabilities in assessing the needs of the other party, articulating your message in the best way to be heard, dealing with any concerns or resistance, and gaining agreement. The course is presented with a focus on applying a consultative process of “selling your ideas” to internal and external parties using your team’s real-life situations.

Media Coaching for Optimal Results™

If you know what to do, working with the media can be an excellent and effective way to get your message across and/or to promote your business, etc.

If you don’t know what to do, it can be disastrous.

With professional coaching and practice, you can leverage media opportunities to your benefit and avoid media mishaps.

markLearn directly from one of the most successful and seasoned media professionals, Mark Ibañez on —

  • How to get media exposure
  • How to get YOUR message across
  • How to control the interview
  • How to handle difficult interviewers and questions
  • How to avoid a media faux-pas
  • How to utilize and leverage social networking

Mark Ibañez

  • More than 15 years of media coaching for business executives, professional and college athletes, entertainment professionals
  • Dynamic, experienced newscaster with 30+ years of interviewing, reporting, and anchoring
  • Currently, sports reporter, anchor, and sports director of major market television station
  • Nominated 8 times and recipient of 3 Emmy Awards; published author

Strategic Planning

Leadership Dynamics facilitates a proven and successful approach that:

  • Builds a shared vision and direction for the organization/team
  • Develops an actionable/implementable plan with –
    • Attention to outside forces/markets
    • Clear goals
    • Tasks & timelines
    • Resource needs & responsibilities
    • Gains buy-in and can be cascaded throughout the organization

Planning is not a linear process and can be quite messy at times. In general we begin with analyzing the current state, what is working, what is not. How do we keep, leverage, fix as appropriate. Then we conduct an environmental scan and possibly a competitor analysis; what are the trends, what are the pressures for change; how can we take advantage of the changes coming. Next we develop a stretch vision for the future. The strategies that connect the current to the future surface. Then sub-teams begin to build the specific action plans with attention to possible obstacles.

In order to create transformative change, shared and broad ownership is needed. Consequently, the focus is on shared direction, implementation, and results.

Each session is different and is customized to the needs of the team/organization.

Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT)

Take the mystery out of sales performance. The SSAT gives you the specific data you need to increase sales production and customer interaction skills of your whole team.

The SSAT gives you an objective look at your people’s strengths, skills, and specific areas that need improvement. Providing detailed, accurate quantification of the selling abilities across your whole organization — vital information so that you can focus your initiatives for maximum impact and revenue growth.

Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS)

Utilizing the SSAT data, CFS is a consultative sales training/process that puts the needs of the customer first. It’s a solution-based approach, in which the sales person partners with the buyer to solve problems in an atmosphere of earned trust and two-way communication. Used by many organizations to transform from traditional/adversarial to consultative/relationship selling.

Coaching for Sales Growth™

Utilizing the SSAT data, CFS is a consultative sales training/process that puts the needs of the customer first. It’s a solution-based approach, in which the sales person partners with the buyer to solve problems in an atmosphere of earned trust and two-way communication. Used by many organizations to transform from traditional/adversarial to consultative/relationship selling.

Executive Coaching

On a select basis, Leadership Dynamics provides executive coaching.

Special Projects/Consulting

special_projectGiven the depth and breathe of knowledge and experience, the Leadership Dynamics team welcomes opportunities to develop, collaborate, and/or work on special assignments.

For example, the team has led projects in succession planning, job competencies development, communication planning, etc.



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