Our Mission, Philosophy, and Approach

Our Mission:

To help companies/organizations be healthy, profitable and great places for people to do great work.

Our Philosophy:

Transfer the knowledge, tools, and capabilities to our clients so that they can grow and flourish.

Our Approach:

Find and/or develop the best practices, tools, methodologies; conduct the due diligence; and, offer to our clients.

Our philosophy and approach are unique. As seasoned professionals and consultants, we wanted to create a different type of firm. A firm that truly put the client first – that brought solutions, value, and results. We wanted to build a firm that provided assistance, transferred knowledge and tools, achieved results, and left the client in a much better place.

Most of us came from the top consulting firms (Deloitte, Arthur Andersen, etc.) and we knew we didn’t want that model – get an assignment and then spend the time/charge the client to find the next assignment (we didn’t want to become an Eldon Consultant – the painter from the Murphy Brown TV show that moved in and never left).

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