Talent Acquisition

One of the most important responsibilities of a leader is to hire the right people for the right positions. By utilizing highly accurate analytics, we can improve your “fit” rate from 33% (current research) to 90+%. By transferring the knowledge and tools to your team, you can accelerate the integration and productivity of your team.

Programs that improve Talent Acquisition results: 


Professional Learning Indicator™

pliPLI translates the many dimensions of human cognitive abilities to deliver an assessment designed to measure the capacity of a person’s learning capabilities. Pace of learning is strongly associated with successful on-the-job performance and is an integral part of any recruitment process. Match the needs of the job to cognitive ability to accelerate employee performance to maximum productivity.
Proven, practical and reliable, the PLI is an integral tool helping you to make the best decisions for your company and the talent on your team.

Structured Behavioral Interviewing

structured_behavioralGain an accurate understanding of candidates by using structured behavioral interviewing techniques that produce the information you need to make the best decision. By leveraging the Predictive Index results, job description and responsibilities, learn how to develop and ask questions that gain the best understanding of job candidates. Improve your interviewing skills and select the candidate who has the greatest probability of success.

New Leader/ Team Member Assimilation

Part of the acquisition process is to assimilate the new person into the team.
This is not just about curious personal questions – it is about work styles so that the team doesn’t waste time trying to guess or figure it out for months. As we share the leader and team work styles, they discuss how to work more effectively together and how to deal with any team gaps. Then the team reviews and clarifies team goals, who needs to do what by when, and addresses any confusion. In this way teams accelerate their productivity and their results.


The Form – Storm – Norm – Perform cycle is accelerated and results are achieved more quickly!

Team Dynamics/Team Building

High-performing teams are different; they have a clear focus, a high self-awareness, and leverage all assets.

Whether you have a newly formed team, a reconstructed team, or team that needs to be re-energized, you can help them to achieve higher performance. By utilizing the insights from the Predictive Index, participants learn about themselves and their team:

  • Motivations, drives, behaviors
  • Communication, delegation, decision styles, etc.
  • Team gaps and how to address/improve

And, most importantly, how to adjust their own individual styles to improve work relationships and productivity.


Executive Coaching

On a select basis, Leadership Dynamics provides executive coaching.

Special Projects/Consulting

special_projectGiven the depth and breathe of knowledge and experience, the Leadership Dynamics team welcomes opportunities to develop, collaborate, and/or work on special assignments.

For example, the team has led projects in succession planning, job competencies development, communication planning, etc.

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