Video Testimonials

Distilled Media – Dublin, Ireland

Leadership Dynamics conducted Customer Focused Selling workshop to improve the selling skills of Distilled Media Group’s sales team.

Mandarin Oriental – Miami

The Predictive Index® helps Mandarin Oriental identify, develop and retain the very best associates.

Yankee Candle

From manufacturing through retail sales, the Predictive Index® is making a difference at Yankee Candle.

Meadowbrook Golf

We have a positive and strategic view of the value of the Predictive Index®. It is something we cannot do without in our current business. If you are not using Predictive Index and their sales tools, you are selling your company short.

Benchmark Assisted Living

The Predictive Index® is absolutely part of the Benchmark culture. It is part of our language. Every body knows what it is and it is a critical tool of how we manage our talented and help them grow.

Inktel Direct

The Predictive Index® identifies key factors for success in Inktel Direct call centers.

PA Labs

The Predictive Index® is helping PA Labs manage growth and innovation, and build for the future.


At DataSys Corporation, building a successful business is “All About People.

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