Sell … Sell … Sell

Now, more than ever, you need to help your sales team drill for sales!

By Nancy L. Clark

As if the last few years weren’t economically debilitating enough, the last few weeks have left many of us shell-shocked and financially paralyzed.  Predictably, our thinking drops to the base level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs–Will we survive?  Will my business endure?  How big is the meltdown?  Will we ever recover?  How long will it last?  What next?

As business leaders, we cannot allow ourselves to become the deer caught in the headlights.  We cannot run and hide and hope that everything will sort itself out and we cannot become frozen into inaction.  Obviously, we need to fight, but we need to fight wisely.  For some ideas on how to refocus and gain sales, please go to Sell_Sell_Sell.

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